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Reconciled Home, 2024

In “Reconciled Home”, Semin delves into the multitudes of the meaning of home that one can hold. A home where people are usually reminded of nurturing, warm, stable shelter, cannot always be defined in a one-dimensional manner.

Instead, it often evokes ambivalent feelings intertwined with tangled memories, where the clear distinction between good and bad has been lost. The artist incorporates profoundly personal images, such as photographs of rented apartments in North Carolina from when she first moved in with minimal furniture and everything had a temporary appearance, or her last memory of her grandpa before he passed away from cancer. She then combines these images using various techniques, including weaving and collage, with abstract images she has gathered from within and around her home throughout her life. Through this series of works, she aims to unite different 
perceptions of her home from different times and hopes to reconcile with past traumas linked to the place.

Reconciled Home (1), 2023, Prints on fabrics, recycled clothes and thread, 100_120.jpg
Reconciled Home (2), 2023, Prints on fabrics and threads, 135_55.jpg
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