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< home between homes >

Installation with 2 Single-Channel Videos, 10' 43" & 4' 58", 2020

Untitled_Artwork 16.png

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<home between homes> is the project that embodies the film specifically created for laptop viewing and installation that functions as specific viewing environment for the film inside a gallery. During the installation process, the artist lives in the gallery until its building is completely finished while getting daily tasks done.


Day 01

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Day 02


Day 03

“Having to constantly move around during a very compact period of time, and currently living in London, the artist faced the question “What makes home, HOME?”. While contemplating this conceptual idea of home, strangely laptop and mobile devices felt like a more reliable and permanent space than any other rooms or houses. By juxtaposing various recordings of home from different periods with the general design format of a laptop screen, the film attempts to invade the viewer’s screen with fragments of personal memories of home.”


To watch the film, viewers have to take off their shoes and jacket and crawl down into a den-shaped installation.

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