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<Camino de Flores>, 2021

In collaboration with Lilly Yang
Memory. The found tree bark is traced on wadding fabric which isn’t usually visible from garment but lies underneath the apparent design. They are repeated, cut, and painted with white house paint. The texture it creates is similar to that of leather. This skin of tree makes trajectory ascending up to projection where hands painted with same house paint is repeating the motion of tying action. With the same fabric, bundles of tied fabrics connects its sentiment to dried lily ties on the floor. Flowers are extremely fragile that every time they are moved, it leaves shattered pieces around.

On performance, two artists are connected with a long thread of braided dried lilies which gets extended as durational performance proceeds - one is seated hight on the plinths, layered with projection, and the other is on the ground slowly moving away as the thread gets longer. The action of repeatedly tying lilies accompanied with brittle sound of flowers falling and movement of hands construct disparate timeline.

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