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   Semin Hong is interested in reimagining the relationship between people and place. By conducting activities such as repotting the plants, building a temporary shelter in a gallery, and making a map of people’s longing places, she explores contemporary context of place, identity, and belonging. Her investigation spans from what constitutes the state of living to how technology and the internet connects to the home and domestic space in terms of language and semiotics.

   Her making process takes its preliminary step by discovering a repetition in daily life. She first accumulates recordings of recurrent materials, situations, scenes like a collector, then later use them as ingredients to decipher the unexplained margin of everyday.

   Initial response to her inquiry takes form of a film. She utilises mixture of found images and her own footages recorded from vastly different time periods, and juxtapose them together to create a bridges of the world inside and outside the monitor. Her video challenges the boundary of both worlds which now became so obscure that nearly feels like it never existed from the beginning.

   The process then extends to breaking down the film into small parts, creating related installation and performance in physical space as a sequel to the film. Whilst attempting to construct more relatable environment that effectively embodies her main video work, she focuses on exploring variables and capturing the progression of how one work entails another.

   In Semin’s recent works, she researches what engenders attachments to certain places and how one develops a feeling of home by detaching the elements of home from its normal setting. Furthermore, she suggests exploration of various geographical scales of home; from a single human body to a whole country, where a certain cultural ambiguity is manifested.