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< home between homes 2 >

Performance with Installation, Dimension Variable, 2020

In the second version of <home between homes>, the home is elevated, isolated, and exposed, twisting the idea of private space. The memory that concept of home evokes isn’t always a pleasant one, but can be something unreachable and surprisingly precarious.

On top of the ladder, the artist tries to adjust the body up in the most uncomfortable height. She has meals, read books, interact with visitor, and goes through a skin care routine. These actions on the ladder challenge the routines and activities that conjure the feelings of home.

Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 16.58.03.jpg
Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 01.18.45.jpg
Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 01.15.57.jpg
Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 22.42.42.jpg
Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 15.36.24.jpg
Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 22.59.59.jpg
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