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< Visitor Center for Longing Ones >

Web Site with 11 Single-Channel Videos, 2017

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<Visitor Center for Longing Ones> is a series of video that collect narratives of nostalgic places. It started from a little box. I once opened up my small box to a friend and started talking about it for more than an hour. The box was filled with all kinds of petty pieces of paper that hold memories of places I've been to. I felt that nostalgic sentiment is a very peculiar attribute which only humans share so I began to film interviews with about ten people using two different cameras. Alternating between two types of cameras metaphorically shows how people's memories and thoughts go back and forth the time throughout their talk.
This project captures extremely inaccurate, yet such a vivid testimonies of personal places. The videos were put on a site with a map and later displayed at the open studio as an actual visitor center installation. 

그리운 사람들을 위한 방문센터 1.JPG
그리운 사람들을 위한 방문센터 4.png
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