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<Untact Breakups>

Single-Channel Video, 5' 40", 2019

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In South Korea, there has been a notable increase in the rate of dating violence especially among women in twenties during recent years.

Yet, so many young people are exposed to distorted images of love and dating through the media which makes it harder for them to avoid potential dangers. This fear also has been changing the form of breakups. I surveyed around 50 women who's in their early twenties about the places where they met and broke up with their partner and their thoughts about dating.

Surprisingly, roughly half of the participants answered that they broke up through messenger or phone due to the fear that they might get harmed in any way through the process of breakup.

So many things in this society is now aiming toward untact (new marketing term widely used in Korea to describe recent trend of minimizing contact and providing services with limited human interaction) rather than contact, and I've realized even relationships are becoming that way. 1.6

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In the relationship where invisible danger constantly awaits, the only way to end one is either to breakup or to get married. Whichever the case is - whether your waned affection leads to breakup, or endless effort pays off in white dress - there seems to be a quite fierce battle of survival behind the blazing emotion.

Stories still haunting long after the failure of a romance. 

Is it just the way things are that the endings of these stories aren’t always picturesque?

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