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<Skin Monolugue>

Single-channel video, 4' 7", 2017

*best when played on mobile phone.




The volume of oneself that are separated by the barrier of the skin. 

Inside and outside that are engraved and embossed. 

There, somewhere near the ambiguous boundary, stand the gaze and the self. 


Memory. Some stays longer, permeated, 

some easily become extinct. 

The encounter between thick and light creates entirely different being. 

It repeats. 

The sense that presses from outside flows in single direction. 

Single line. 

It runs with the sky. 

The world eroding from the inside also follows that path but arbitrarily. 


Unpredictability stacks up one upon another, then carved, and piles up again forming certain mass. 

Outside the skin, within the sense of touching the surface. There, others exist.

The boundary is fully perceived only then within this relation. 

We become split. 

Only death can put a stop to this continuous division. 

It goes on forever a life. 

Mystical encounter of sensation and accumulation. 

Friction which acceptance and recognition, and utterance and expression makes is heated. 

That temperature makes wonder. 

Its peculiarity fails at every attempt of complete sharing. 

It makes us create things relentlessly.

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