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<Portable Land for Perpetual Bliss>

Two-Channel Video, 7' 44", 2018

Portable Land for Perpetual Bliss talks about the state of living as an alien due to ambiguous and uncertain origin, using plants and flowerpots as main material.

It deals with not only literal immigrator or foreigner but also a wandering attribute of human constantly longing for certain unfeasible state without belonging anywhere. 


The video features the actual emails that were exchanged with several friends (who were also living there only temporarily like myself) back when I was in America along with the footages of me repotting and walking with a plant in both ends of Korea from my current resident. One on the left was filmed at the westernmost point and right one at the easternmost point. I keep walking with the potted plant towards another me from the other side, but it never seems possible.Home video clips inserted in certain intervals are anonymous home video taken in the same period when I was born in America. 

The process of repotting performance represents how one’s settlement occurs and develops over time. 


Installation View

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